Sample Tanning Solutions

  • 2 Hour Sampler Pack
    2 x 120ml - Sample Pack 2 Hour Regular and 2 Hour Dark Our full line of 2 hour spray tanning solutions are designed to give your customers the customisable tan they desire. With these solutions your clients can wash off any residue just 2 hours after their tanning session. They will enjoy the ..
    US $24.95
  • Argan Tan Sampler Pack
    2 x 120ml - Sample Pack Argan Tan 12% and 15% Argan Tan is a Chocolate based tanning solution that is infused with Argan oil from Morocco. Argan oil is extracted from an Argan tree root grown in the harsh condition of South Eastern Morocco, rich in vitamins and great for nourishing the skin. B..
    US $19.95
  • Black Magic 8 Hour Sampler Pack
    2 x 120ml - Sample Pack Black Magic Premium and Midnight Magic Our full range of Black Magic spray tanning solutions includes a selection of specially designed 8 hour spray tan solutions. For those customers who want the darkest, deepest tan possible, choose one of our 8 hour solutions to guar..
    US $19.95
  • Muscle Tan ® & Dance Off Sampler Pack
    2 x 120ml - Sample Pack Muscle Tan and Dance Off Muscle Tan is one of Black Magic’s competition spray tanning solutions. Muscle tan is designed to give a lustrous deep tan that keeps developing over 8 hours. Muscle tan has an innovative formula that enhances muscle definition and body contours ..
    US $34.95
  • VIBE Sampler Pack
    2 x 120ml - Sample Pack VIBE Evolution and VIBE Rapid VIBE is a versatile solution that has a rapid 2 hour, 2-4-6 hour and 8 hour tanning solution, with a much DARKER bronzer to enhance the depth of your tan without having to spray multiple coats. The Vibe colour is instant and can be wor..
    US $24.95