Muscle Tan ® & Dance Off Sampler Pack

Muscle Tan ® & Dance Off Sampler Pack

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2 x 120ml - Sample Pack

Muscle Tan and Dance Off

Muscle Tan is one of Black Magic’s competition spray tanning solutions. Muscle tan is designed to give a lustrous deep tan that keeps developing over 8 hours. Muscle tan has an innovative formula that enhances muscle definition and body contours to make you stand out in a crowd. Muscle tan is odourless, non-sticky, fast drying solution designed for all skin types infused with 100% certified natural DHA and a blend of natural ingredients to deliver a well defined tan while hydrating and moisturizing your skin. Muscle tan will last between 5 - 7 days and will fade away evenly, while the dark bronzer tone on competition day can be buffed back to give a natural looking tan.

Dance Off​ is Ideal for

  • Dancers, stage performers, Film and TV. 
  • For all skin types,  
  • This solution has been designed by Dancers. 
  • Someone looking for a solution with NO LIMITS
  • For a darker colour, apply as many coats as you need.

Our sampler packs were created to enable clients the opportunity to experience the colour feel and flawless nature of each range, not for ongoing use.

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