Tanning Marketing Materials

  • Black Magic client care record cards
    Client record cards sold in packs of 50 Offering you all the right questions you need to ask your clients prior to receiving a spray tan, with tanning record information on the rear. Every professional tanner needs these. ..
    US $20.00
  • Colour Guide Poster
    Colour Guide Poster Offering your client the right advice on what product they need to wear is made easier using the BM colour guide, offering you the wide range of Black Magic products with a skin colour selection. Some clients ask that they would like to go darker than they possibly should, ..
    US $14.95
  • Muscle Tan ® Poster
    Muscle Tan Poster Promote at your local gyms and fitness centres – supplied in a tube for protection. ..
    US $14.95
  • Poster For Salons
    Poster For Salons Large Salon Posters , great designs for promoting your business. ..
    US $14.95