Competition Tanning

Black Magic Muscle Tan has been designed specifically for the body building industry.

A complete performance tan that gives contestants the flexibility to go as dark as they desire without fear of  verdevelopment. Muscle Tan has rapidly become the choice of champions around the country and overseas.

  • Black Magic Muscle Tan ®
    Muscle Tan– The Choice of Champions Black Magic Muscle Tan was created specifically for the body building industry and allows competitors to obtain as dark a tan as needed without fear of over development Black Magic Muscle Tan is designed to deliver competitors a lustrous, deep, very dark tan..
    US $89.95
  • Black Magic Dance Off
    Black Magic Dance Off Tan Black Magic Dance Off Tan is a specialist tanning product designed for stage, television and film presenters and performers wanting a skin colour that doesn’t wash out under bright lights. Importantly clients can go as dark as necessary without fear of over development r..
    US $89.95
  • Bikini Competition Tan
    Bikini Competition Tan We are very proud, and excited, to launch our latest addition to Competition Tanning – Bikini Tan. Bikini Tan will transform your skin into a deep, dark, bronze that also hydrates the skin to deliver the perfect tan on stage. No smell, no fragrance, no parabens, super..
    US $89.95
  • Muscle Tan Mousse
    Muscle Tan Mousse ..
    US $34.95
  • Black Magic Muscle Glaze
    Black Magic Muscle Glaze Black Magic’s Muscle Glaze has been formulated to not only hydrate but rejuvenate the skin by replacing the skins natural oils. Infused with vitamin E, Sunflower seed Oil and Jojoba oil it is designed to enrich the skin leaving it fresh with antioxidants and essential oil..
    US $19.95
  • Black Magic Tan Nourish
    NOURISH Precious extracts to nourish your skin Every tanner knows the importance of moisturising their skin to maintain and extend the life of their tan. Nourish body moisturiser has been enriched with the precious extract of cucumber to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin plus the calming effect..
    US $18.00