Competition Tanning

Black Magic Muscle Tan has been designed specifically for the body building industry.

A complete performance tan that gives contestants the flexibility to go as dark as they desire without fear of  verdevelopment. Muscle Tan has rapidly become the choice of champions around the country and overseas.

  • Black Magic Tan Sparkle
    SPARKLE for Glitz and Glamour SPARKLE reflects light as it falls on your skin so you have the perfect partner for your Black Magic Tan. Subtle reflections of light add glitz and glamour day or right. Your skin will look radiant and feel silky smooth enriched with Cucumber, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel,..
    US $20.00
  • Foaming Tan Remover
    Black Magic Tan - Foaming Tan Remover Our research and development team have gone one step further in tan removal to create a foaming tan remover that our test group absolutely loved. Full of luscious botanical ingredients anti-ageing Green Tea extract, Jojoba and Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and Witch H..
    US $19.95
  • Black Magic Tan Mousse Application Mitt
    Black Magic Tan Mousse Application Mitt Our Mousse Application Mitt has been designed to fit snugly over your hand while protecting your palms form staining during the application of your Black Magic Tan Mousse. Pump mousse onto the mitt and apply to the skin using long even strokes. This M..
    US $11.00
  • Black Magic Xfoliate Mitt
    BLACK MAGIC TAN XFOLIATING MITT Black Magic Tan Xfoliating Mitts are an essential tool when preparing for your tan. Upon completion your skin will be left feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Use 24 hours prior to your spray tan appointment. Step 1. Soften your skin by showering or bathing unde..
    US $14.95